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UMass women’s basketball set to take on Fordham at Mullins — February 4, 2016 UMass investigating alleged misuse of campus resources within Physical Plant — February 4, 2016 Closing arguments delivered as Patrick Durocher trial moves toward resolution — February 4, 2016 UMass football announces 30 members to its 2016 recruiting class — February 4, 2016 Dean’s Beans founder speaks at first Mass PIRG meeting of semester — February 4, 2016 UMass revises guest policy for Super Bowl weekend — February 4, 2016 UMass graduates are ‘attractive to employers’ — February 4, 2016 IT to host open forum, discuss new acceptable use and confidentiality policies — February 4, 2016 Herrell’s hosts event to support Whole Children — February 4, 2016 UMass police chief hiring procedure involves input from across campus — February 4, 2016 UMass men’s and women’s track and field set to perform this weekend in preparation for the Atlantic 10 championships — February 4, 2016 Heather Mac Lean shines in junior season for UMass track and field — February 4, 2016 UMass hockey squares off with No. 9 Boston University Friday night — February 4, 2016 UMass women’s basketball blows lead, loses in overtime — February 4, 2016 New Year, new me? I think not — February 4, 2016 Women are people, too — February 4, 2016 Growing up in an abusive household — February 4, 2016 ‘Question Bridge: Black Males’ challenges the American consciousness — February 4, 2016 Leonardo Di Caprio: Examining an illustrious, extensive career — February 4, 2016 Patrick Durocher testifies on sixth day of rape trial — February 3, 2016 Also see: Campus Perspective: From Sylvan to Southwest, students discuss Molander |Podcast: Molander speaks out about his intentions |Molander’s original ‘Friends Club’ letter |Letter causes stir on campus | Tyler Molander in process of withdrawing | Campus Perspectives: Students respond to letter and reaction | Editorial: Molander misinterpreted by University MARION — Tyler Molander, the University of Massachusetts junior who distributed a typed letter to hundreds of students vying for members to join a “friend club” on Jan. 29, is currently in the process of withdrawing from the University, citing “pressure” to do so from UMass administrators. Calls and visits to the Dean of Students’ Office did not yield comment.

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University spokesman Ed Blaguszewski stated that he could not comment beyond confirming Molander’s enrollment status, citing privacy laws. In an in–person interview on Sunday with the Massachusetts Daily Collegian at his Marion residence – where he is currently living as he reviews his decision to withdraw from the University with his parents – Molander recounted the details of his decision to distribute the letter and its aftermath. Student Reaction to Letter Molander – a tall young man of average build – sat on his mother’s floral couch, keeping a calm demeanor and an even and polite tone throughout the duration of the interview. He began the interview saying, “I’m Tyler Molander, and I put those controversial letters under the door.” The “controversial letters” he references, were the hundreds of letters he slid under the doors of dormitories in Southwest and Sylvan Residential Areas on Sunday, Jan. Since the night of their distribution, the letters’ content and tone have been debated among members of the campus community and on several Internet outlets with some students saying it held an “uneasy,” “creepy” or “threatening” tone and others saying they believed Molander was just “trying to make new friends.” The letter, a reflection of how Molander views both UMass and friendship, received a mixed-reaction from the students whom it was delivered to. Many found the writing unsettling, particularly the post-script which read “Please don’t come if you are acquainted with me, I apologize, but just trust me.” “When I actually started to read it, it kind of scared me,” said UMass student Jon Floyd.

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“Mostly the part where he was like ‘Please no friends.’” Floyd was not alone in his fears as the letter prompted conversations throughout campus in the days following its distribution and caused numerous people to call the police. As Molander had signed his name, people googled him and found his blog and Facebook, which had a video, that Molander described as ‘art’ in the Collegian’s interview with him, of Molander with a paper bag over his face that said ‘sociopath.’ “The letter I got was kind of weird, but it wasn’t that bad,” said UMass student Natasha Kapadia. “The letter just brought attention to his blog and Facebook and I think those things were kind of bad.” Many students, including Floyd, began to feel sympathy for Molander and realize that the true intent of his letter was to make friends. “At the same time, I understand he was just trying to make friends in the end,” said Floyd. “I think the school asking him to withdraw is just kind of sad.” Others believe that the campus overreacted to a letter that one student described as “innocent,” and believed that calling the police was an unnecessary measure. He wanted to go out and make friends,” said UMass student Haylee Isaacs.

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